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Verifone Transforms with Drupal 8

Verifone has been at the forefront of innovation in the payment industry for over 35 years providing secure and reliable payment solutions internationally. They were looking for a digital transformation that identified them as a comprehensive services provider.

Project Highlights

Although their website wasn’t considered the main revenue driver, Verifone had the vision to build a scalable Drupal 8 platform for data capture and generating leads moving forward. To deliver their consumers a higher level of service and personalization, they chose Drupal 8 as a CMS platform.

Verifone connected with Mediacurrent through an RFP in search of a Marketing Technology agency partner. Mediacurrent’s rich Drupal 8 development experience, global reach, and full-service approach were instrumental in the site launch and ongoing partnership.

Goals for the project were:

  • Gain cost savings by centralizing a larger body of work with fewer agency partners
  • Migrate website from Umbraco to Drupal 8
  • Create a flexible architecture to support marketing technology initiatives
  • Improve workflow for content editors
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    With this project, Mediacurrent passed the 30,000-hour mark in building Drupal 8 solutions for our clients.

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    Between Verifone and Mediacurrent, the team working on the project spanned half the globe from the east coast of the United States to Singapore - 12 time zones.

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    Overall improvement in page load times from the previous site. On mobile and tablet devices, the page load times improved by 37 percent.

Syncing up with a Living Styleguide

Mediacurrent’s approach to building websites with components provides clients a front row seat to the development process. Through a living styleguide, Verifone was able to take a sneak peek at how the project was progressing by reviewing and conducting QA of components directly in the styleguide. Components are showcased fully styled and functional to allow clients to fully interact with them.

Delivering a Highly Flexible Component-Based Theme

The new site architecture was styled with a focus on flexibility. The build is completely component-based and uses Drupal’s paragraphs module for all of the build output. With this approach, Verifone content editors have the capability to make dynamic and customizable pages. Mediacurrent applied the component-based theming approach our team has refined over the last two years. With this approach, Mediacurrent’s front end developers got a jumpstart on theming the new website and components before backend development began.

Engaging User Experience

Reusable Components

Each component is on its own, independent of anything else around it. This means we can make use of a single component in multiple pages or sections of the site without having to rebuild the component for every instance. It’s typical of many sites to use patterns in design or content layout, and components lend themselves nicely to this approach.

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Clean and Semantic Markup

Good markup was critical for many reasons including better presentation of content, more natural content layout, higher search engine ranking and a more accessible website.

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Drupal 8 Twig

Unlike previous versions, Drupal 8’s Twig templating system allows front-end developers to build components independently of Drupal, and later integrate those components by leveraging the already created Twig templates — without having to rewrite the component markup or styles.

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The Drupal 8 platform has helped move the digital transformation needle for Verifone. Mediacurrent’s scale and skill base made them the ideal partner to launch in a short timeframe.

Ricky Mohan

Senior Director of Global Marketing Technology, Verifone

Project Management

Managing a Globally Distributed Team

Between Verifone and Mediacurrent, the team working on the project spanned half the globe from the east coast of the United States to Singapore (12 time zones), which presented potential communication and productivity challenges.

Cognizance of the time zone challenge led team members to plan so that information and communications were exchanged to the appropriate party at the start of each day. This allowed each team to have the information needed at the start, not at the end of their respective workday. Non-traditional work schedules were utilized to provide for video-conferencing of status updates, demonstrations, and reviews. The teams also leveraged standard Mediacurrent communications tools to manage the project and communicate with one another.

Final Thoughts

Realizing a united vision across a globally distributed project team and stakeholders, is a successful addition to Drupal 8’s portfolio. Looking to the future, Verifone is poised to scale and evolve their digital presence. Some of the advancements on the horizon may include new website functionality, Learning Management system improvements, and the development of microsites, landing pages, and mobile applications.