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Case Study

Synergos Gets a Fresh Look

For over 25 years, Synergos, a global nonprofit, has been dedicated to systemic change solution to fight against poverty and its many effects. After a strategic refresh of its company mission and vision, the Synergos team was ready to overhaul their website to more effectively engage donors and supporters.

Project Highlights

The transformation of, including a new design, and fresh approach to digital strategy, paves the way to engage new partners, secure mission-critical funding. By re-platforming the website from a static HTML solution to Drupal 8, Synergos gained the advantage of an extendable, customizable platform that can grow with them as their vision expands. 

Regular KPI and visitor behavior reports - tracking how users get to the site, interact with it, and finally, how often they convert - provide key metrics to measure success.

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    Improvement in bounce rate.

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    Increase in session duration.

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    Improvement in page load time on mobile and tablet devices.

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Working with Mediacurrent has really helped us move our web presence, and communications in general, forward. They’re strong not just on the technical side of Drupal but also have great expertise in digital strategy and project management. We're a small team at Synergos. The Mediacurrent team really helped us drill down on what our current needs are and how to build to meet those needs while setting us up for future growth.

John Tomlinson

Director of Communications, Synergos


Big Vision on a Small Budget

By investing in a ’Discovery’ phase, Synergos seized the opportunity to validate the project’s assumptions and mitigate risk. Project goals and objectives were evaluated to define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - the critical set of requirements to be met for a successful launch.  

With this budget-conscious approach, our focus was narrowed on the most critical features and functionality of the site, delivering in a stable platform that can be enhanced over time.

Strategy Meets Design

Beyond a surface-skimming design refresh, Mediacurrent set out to craft dynamic user experiences for donors, corporate clients, and contributors. We applied a deep understanding of user behavior to streamline navigation, improved UX for site admins and site visitors alike. Most importantly, we powered to grow its donor network.

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Persona Guided Pathways

To rebuild an ineffective navigation structure, Mediacurrent took a deep dive into understanding Synergos’ competition and users. By restructuring the site architecture and creating a user-friendly design with clear conversion paths, users can more easily donate and subscribe.

Engaging User Experience

UX From All Angles

Mediacurrent’s user personas guided the UX design for specific audiences. Special attention was paid to providing an intuitive Drupal interface. The wireframe and design processes included discussions around not only content from a visitors’ perspective, but also how that content would be managed from the back-end.

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Mega Menu

Mega menus, another navigation upgrade, provide direct access to each main subsection, along with an area to include a highlight with a call to action. This option exposes more site pages at a glance, increasing user interaction.  


Before and After

The new site design communicates the impact Synergos brings to the world and its partners in a way that’s easy to digest and share.

  • Focal point on clear and simple brand messaging 
  • Reduced copy supports a layout centered on visual storytelling 
  • Powerful imagery communicates the impact a donor’s support has toward the Synergos mission
  • On the homepage, interactive elements provide high-level information, guiding visitors to dive deeper on another page
  • With a fully responsive design, Synergos reaches a much wider audience
  • Mindfulness for Web Accessibility -- including thorough testing of color combinations -- opens the new site to all users

A Springboard for Action

Mediacurrent’s 65,000+ client hours with Drupal 8 and experience planning digital strategies for international nonprofit organizations like CARE and Habitat for Humanity were key to the redesign of By focusing on the organization's unique value proposition and thought leadership, we helped Synergos take a giant stride toward improving user engagement and growing their audience.