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Case Study

Drupal 8 Migration Moves University into the Future

Migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, as well as improvements to accessibility, design, and hosting, made Kettering University’s website more modern and user friendly.

Project Highlights

Kettering University is a private institution in Michigan that serves roughly 2,300 undergraduate and graduate students focusing on degrees in STEM and business. Moving their Drupal 7 site to Drupal 8 brought numerous benefits. Following a UX audit as part of the discovery process with the Kettering team, Mediacurrent provided high-fidelity wireframes, prototypes, and a design system that works with our component-based development approach. The design system also incorporated an accessible color palette, iconography, strong typography, and content strategy. A functional specification acted as a north star for the development.

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Mediacurrent’s Solution 

Kettering University faced several difficulties. For starters, its website content was not fully accessible, leading to a greater risk of lawsuits that could jeopardize the university’s reputation. Audiences like prospective students had trouble finding the information they sought such as program options and a clear understanding of content hierarchies as changes over time made the site experience less intuitive.

For content editors, the site lacked flexible tools to create new pages or structure to support content goals such as improving student engagement with the content and updating meta tags to optimize for SEO. The mobile experience was less than optimal and created opportunities for navigation that could better cater to the experience on a variety of devices.

With these factors weighing on the marketing team and stakeholders, it became apparent a newly refreshed, organized site would better fulfill the needs of users and content editors, as well as reduce risks from accessibility lawsuits.

Creative DesignA paintbrush and artists palette.

Modern Design

Design system influences experience on all devices.

EducationAn icon of a graduation cap.

New Site Architecture

User-focused changes from UX audit and analysis.

PerformanceAn icon of a speedometer.

Smooth Deployment

On-time, quick delivery moving site into production.
Kettering University's program finder Drupal page displays programs, degrees, certificates on a desktop screen

New Filtered Search for Prospective Students

Deemed a huge win for the project by the stakeholders, the implementation of Program Finder allows prospective students interested in majors and specialties at Kettering to easily filter through departments and areas of study to find the program that suits their passions.

Improved UX and Functionality

In addition to a design focused on integrating the stakeholders’ goals with user experience principles, Mediacurrent’s development team went above and beyond integrating functionality to benefit the content editors and site users.

ModulesIcon of stacked cubes.

Layout Builder

Flexible page building with consistent components.

Back End DevA hexagon filled in with triangles.

Search Feature

Apache SOLR provides reliable, scalable search.

WebpageAn icon of a webpage.

Structured Data

Improved calendar functionality and markup.

PrototypesAbstract icon depitcing iterations of a prototype.

Consistent Design

Improved UX and style for CTAs, navigation, and more.

Visual LibraryIcon with a pencil and a paintbrush.

Custom Image Cropping

Content editors can edit images and add alt text.

SearchA magnifying glass icon.

Custom Meta Tag Setup

Created custom patterns for meta tags by content type.
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Robust Hosting with Pantheon

As a partner with Pantheon, Mediacurrent was able to take advantage of a fast hosting setup and robust 24/7 support. Thanks to Pantheon’s reliable service, Kettering University can rest easy knowing their hosting solution means fewer interruptions.

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The team at Mediacurrent not only helped us transition to a more user-friendly and updated website for our external audience, they provided valuable support, expertise, and a toolbox built to empower our content users.

Melanie Bass

Director of Communications & Media Relations, Kettering University

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Creating Accessible Experiences

Prior to launching the new site, the U.S. Department of Education had flagged accessibility concerns with Kettering University. Mediacurrent used that feedback, as well as a thorough accessibility audit of the site, to address issues on the D7 site and ensure the D8 site met or exceeded expectations. Accessibility remains a cornerstone of the work we provide through our support for Kettering. 

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Final Thoughts

With a focus on results and a strong partnership, Kettering University and Mediacurrent intend to continue engaging with each other through support services focused on an iterative approach to the continued success of the Drupal site.

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I have to give high praise to the Mediacurrent team for providing a site design and development experience that allowed Kettering University to complete its transition to Drupal 8 in a timely manner.

Donna Wicks

Web Strategist, Kettering University

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