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Using Drupal to Capture History in Real-Time

The teams at History Factory and Mediacurrent created a solution to capture real-time history of the COVID-19 pandemic for future crisis responses.



Honorable Mention Winner: 2021 Pantheon Lightning Awards

Mediacurrent Pantheon Lightning Award

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The Challenge

History Factory is a pioneering agency dedicated to helping organizations across the globe leverage their heritage to drive brand, marketing, communications and culture initiatives. Since 1979, History Factory’s innovative archival and creative services have helped industry leaders capture and communicate the authentic stories that demonstrate their core character. These stories are brought to life through engaging experiences and campaigns that connect an organization’s past experiences with its future success.

When History Factory learned about the Collective Directory, a distribution that combines the Rain distribution with a custom starter theme and additional features specific for museums and historical archives, it came to Mediacurrent to see if a custom solution on the Rain distribution would work for creating the COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project.

Project Highlights

History Factory needed a technological solution that could help organizations document and preserve their history in how they responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. It had a plan to crowdsource content related to how industries and corporations were responding to the pandemic, so they needed a way to do several tasks:

WebpageAn icon of a webpage.

Manage Submissions

Receive and manage submissions

High TechAn icon of a circuit board.

Data Storage

Hold submissions in a repository

PublishingIcon of documents.


Republish feature after archival team review

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Zero to Launch in 30 Days

We leveraged Rain’s base theme, components, and style guide which allowed for rapid deployment of the project, including custom work added with an API integration for the statistic page.

Diverse Assets

Mediacurrent also had to find a working solution to the COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project’s content collecting and organizing challenge. Mediacurrent’s developers quickly identified the best approach to model this content so that corporate contributors to the site could provide assets of all types such as:

WebpageAn icon of a webpage.


Publicly available media coverage

PublishingIcon of documents.

Press Releases

Easy to create and publish press releases

MarketingCircles surrounding a larger circle.

Social Media

Social media posts and statements

PhoneA phone icon.

Rich Media

Documents, photography, and video

GlobalAn icon of a globe.

Digital Assets

Related to the pandemic’s impact on the world

Analytics ReportAn icon depicting a report document.


Updates with summary of COVID-19 impact

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Agile Methodology

With a dedicated team solely focused on this fast-moving project, Mediacurrent embraced agile sprints, daily scrums, and consistent communication with History Factory as they embedded remotely with the History Factory team to make the site come together quickly.

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The Mediacurrent team was extremely knowledgeable, communicative, quick to respond to arising issues and worked tirelessly to make our vision a reality. We will continue to add to this Project as long as COVID-19 is driving corporate behavior. We hope that it will become an important source of study for years to come.

history factory sam grabel

Sam Grabel

History Factory Marketing Manager

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Setup In Less than 24 Hours

Mediacurrent’s ongoing partnership with Pantheon provided the means necessary to quickly deploy the site on a reliable platform that would allow for further expansion when needed. Development servers were ready with continuous integration to move the project along in less than a day.

COVID-19 project assets

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project, based on the Rain distribution, provided a quick setup and allowed Mediacurrent to provide high-quality development from start to finish in collaboration with History Factory.

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