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Case Study

Georgia High School Association Upgrades to Drupal 7

GHSA, a voluntary organization composed of over 450 public and private high schools, outgrew their current version of Drupal. 


Strategic Redesign

Drupal sites have a life cycle. Module support shifts from one version of Drupal to the next which means new solutions are identified and old solutions are refined.


Improved Mobile Support

During the discovery phase, mobile support was identified as the primary motivation for the upgrade. Mediacurrent iterated on a series of wireframes for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Since space for mobile devices is at a premium, they identified several low-priority blocks to hide on mobile, keeping the presentation uncluttered.

Creative Design

Polished Design

Tabbed blocks and strong lines separating blocks, as well as subtly placed ad content, helped to feature important content without overloading users.

Content Strategy

Simplified Content

 Taxonomy-based menu display, as well as content filtering, helped to simplify content management.


Featured Drupal Modules

  • Omega Theme—Leveraged for module responsiveness
  • Flex Slider—Responsive Image rotator
  • MegaMenu—Multi-column drop-downs
  • IMCE—File asset management.
  • Nodequeue and Flag-based Views—Simplified content management, while maintaining granular control of featured content.
  • QuickTabs—Allows two tabs in place of one for better use of vertical space, without too much clutter.
  • Block footer WYSIWYG field—Custom solution to allow placement and management of unobtrusive block footer ads.

Flexible & Scalable Design

The new design allowed for ease of use for non-technical content administrators and made it possible for implementing a cleaner, more regular presentation.


Final Thoughts

By implementing a cleaner, responsive design and by leveraging content management best practices as well as excellent contributed tools, a more accessible and easier to manage site was produced. Although there were some coordinative, non-technical challenges that impacted the timeline, the D7 site launched successfully with GHSA receiving a lot of positive feedback.

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