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A New Look and Targeted Navigation for a State Agency

A revised navigation solution and a custom map connect Florida families to community resources.

Project Highlights

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) provides social services to children, adults, refugees, domestic violence victims, human trafficking victims, the homeless community, and countless others. Mediacurrent redesigned their logo and website using Open Public, a Drupal 7 distribution.


    Google Location Pin DropA folded map with a location pin pointing to a spot on the map.


    DCF needed a shift in how they got information out to the people of Florida. They wanted to get people the targeted information they needed quickly without having to go through hundreds of pages. 


    Mediacurrent created a custom map feature that links to multiple services, including child care facilities, mental health treatment and addresses where they can apply for assistance. On the map, users can filter office locations by the service provided , zip code, and/or by interacting with the map itself.

    In addition, we modified their navigation and information architecture.