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A Drupal Redesign for Domu

Domu is committed to transparency, simplicity and honesty in the Chicago apartment listing and searching process.


The Challenge

Domu was in need of help with a website design overhaul. Their existing site was on Drupal 7, but they wanted a new look and feel that would help them be known as the place to go for Chicago rentals.

More specifically, Domu wanted to improve and simplify the user experience for visitors looking for rentals, as well as for landlords posting property on the site. Additionally, it was clear Domu was missing out on a number of SEO opportunities, so fixing that became a critical component of the project.


Our Approach

A huge effort went into restructuring Domu's neighborhood pages in order to improve the user experience and improve SEO. Domu is only focused on Chicago, so they needed to show that they are experts in Chicago. The site's new neighborhood pages did that.

Beyond just highlighting the listings in each neighborhood, these pages share the story of the neighborhood such as what to do, where to shop, and how to commute. All this information is included on these pages, as well as beautiful photos from around the neighborhood to further personalize the experience for users. This way, apartment hunters using the site can make a more-informed decision.

Project Highlights

Quality AssuranceAn icon of a starburst seal with a thumbs up inside it.

Features and Amenities

We separated out a number of apartment amenities for landlords to check off, like parking or pet deposit requirements

WebpageAn icon of a webpage.

Preview Listings

Landlords now have previews and Drupal makes updating content easier and more efficient.

ComputerAn icon of a computer.

Link Sculpting

An individual listing's URL now includes the area of the city, the neighborhood and the specific property name.

SearchA magnifying glass icon.

Scannable Content

Chunked information allows users to search by more specific features and content in a scannable form

Visual LibraryIcon with a pencil and a paintbrush.

Photo Tutorials

Create an intuitive photo tutorial that allows Landlords to publish high production value photo assets.

Content StrategyAn icon of a document and pencil.

New In-Line Editing

The previous version of the site made it difficult to make in-line changes. With the new Drupal site, content editors have an improved experience that simplifies the process of updating listings.

Final Thoughts

Domu wanted a site that was simple to use, easy to find, and showcased their authority in the Chicago rental scene. The new Domu site does exactly that. The neighborhood pages provide so much more information to site visitors than they previously accessed, and the individual listing pages break down what is offered in a more consistent and visually appealing way. Plus, content editors can access features that introduce search visibility, such as improved link structures, intuitively.

Note: Work for Domu was completed by Duo Consulting Inc., which became part of Mediacurrent in 2020. Read more about the acquisition.