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Case Study

Seamless Site Integration for Chicago Botanic Garden

With 50,000 members — the largest membership of any U.S. botanic garden — the Garden needed a ticketing solution that worked with their existing site. 


The Challenge

The Garden came to us with two problems. First, there were major performance issues with their ecommerce component, which was set up initially by a different Drupal developer.

They wanted that integration capability between the main Drupal website and the ecommerce/ticketing site to learn more about their visitors — and at the same time provide a more customized website experience.

Our Approach

We gained The Garden’s trust through a focus on a more streamlined site experience and development solutions that would make the site futureproof and sustainable as the ticketing solution was used.

Project Highlights

ModulesIcon of stacked cubes.

Ecommerce components

Improving the new component was just one of two major problems we tackled in the project.

NavigationAn icon of a compass.

Integrate ecommerce site 

The Garden’s information and ticketing systems within one system reduced inefficiencies and confusion.

Engaging User Experience

Improved UX

Website visitors no longer have to be sent to an external platform to purchase tickets. 


Unified experience

Increased satisfaction from one system, rather than two, benefits both the staff and visitors.

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Improved data integrations

Improvements made helpful for users allowed for a unified system with the Gardens’ “data lake.”

Analytics ReportAn icon depicting a report document.

Improved connections

The Garden now has access to better data about visitors and can make better use of that data with connected systems.

Final Thoughts

Not only did the Chicago Botanic Garden benefit from the technical improvements made to the site, but a focus on communication with our development team improved their trust in us to provide the experience they envisioned for customers now and into the future.

Note: Work for Chicago Botanic Garden was completed by Duo Consulting Inc., which became part of Mediacurrent in 2020. Read more about the acquisition.