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Work From Home Resources

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Webinar Series

Episode 1: Transitioning from Office Life to Remote

We hosted the first in a series of live roundtable webinars with a group of Mediacurrent team members who have years of experience working remotely.

In our first discussion, we reviewed:

  • What to consider for your remote workspace
  • The importance of keeping a consistent schedule
  • How to communicate remotely
  • How to maintain your health (mental and physical)
  • Recommended tools and office setup


Work From Home Episodes

Episode 2: Being Awesome as a Remote Organization

Tech Support Services

Working remotely has become the new norm, following the recommendations for social distancing. If your team is facing challenges in this transition into remote work, we’re here to help.

Security Audits

Remote IT Support

Remote Communications Configuration

Jira / Confluence Setup and Configuration

Office 365 Setup and Configuration

Intranet / Internal Office Resources


From Our Team to Yours

As a distributed company for over ten years we want to share what’s worked for us, from collaboration tools to team building.

How Can We Help?

Finding the right tools for your newly remote team isn’t always easy. We’re not only here to guide these technology decisions, we’re also here to make your team feel more connected and productive.