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Team Member

Victoria Miranda

Project Manager

Favorite Quote

Dale: Why are you so sweaty?
Brennan: I was watching "Cops."

Step Brothers

Victoria brings 10 years of project management experience to her role at Mediacurrent, with 6 of these years dedicated to Drupal. Her areas of expertise include client interfacing, web development, SEO, branding, and spreadsheets. 

She began working as a designer at a small agency right out of college. When she discovered they had a need for a PM, she immediately applied, and the rest is history. She spent 8 years helping grow that same agency. After her time there, she spent 2 years traveling and working in nonprofit, humanitarian work. She began missing her tech work and discovered Mediacurrent’s open Project Manager position.

Victoria describes herself as sarcastic, sophisticated, witty, dorky, sensitive and free-spirited. She has set foot on 5 continents and has a thirst for exploring. She has a toddler, named Dominic (Dom for short. Yes, like Toretto) and he is her adventure partner.


PMP, Google Analytics 


B.S., Business - Florida State University