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Tom Jones

Senior Project Manager
Favorite Quote

You’ve got to be a man first before you can be a gentleman.



With a comprehensive background in Drupal client services, development, project management, Tom is passionate about the web and helping people. He believes that listening and truly understanding the customer’s goals is the most important step to building lasting value.

Like many now in the Drupal community, Tom’s online career started back in 2000 at Morris Communications in Augusta, GA. He started as a web developer, learning to build large, dynamic sites for the first time. His focus on customer relationships allowed him to evolve into a project management role as the company began selling its specialized software for building Classifieds, Real Estate, and Automotive verticals. After ten great years at Morris, Tom founded a digital strategy consulting company to help small businesses build an online presence, enhance user experience, and drive revenue. At its peak, the organization served 35 clients in more than 45 markets across the U.S. and Canada. Prior to Mediacurrent, Tom spent about 3 years as Project Manager for a smaller Drupal agency where he specialized in leading large, enterprise projects.

Tom resides in Savannah, Georgia. He recently started Crossfit and hopes that over time, this will be less of a surprise to people.

Significant Projects

Previous experience with enterprise clients, focused in higher education, publishing and healthcare including University of Minnesota and



Project Management Professional



BS in Business Administration, University of South Carolina-Aiken