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Steven Murray

Senior Developer
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Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

- Fifth Element

Steven brings 8 years of programming experience, deep level Drupal development expertise and a strong grasp of agile methodologies to his role as a Senior Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent. He is an Acquia Certified Developer.

After graduating from Old Dominion University with a degree in computer science, Steven worked for a small company as a web developer and gained his first experience with Drupal. He continued to build his web development career in the publishing industry, developing and maintaining public facing websites such as Parenting, Islands, Florida Travel and Life, Warren Miller Entertainment, Deer and Turkey Expos and more. Prior to Mediacurrent, Steven was a developer for an agency focused on open source technologies.

Steven quickly got up and running with learning Node.JS and React, switching specialties over to more of a full stack role for development. He has experience with creating custom React component libraries with Storybook, creating sites with Gatsby.JS, creating isomorphic React components, and maintenance on third party node modules. These experiences have helped with the development of both progressive and fully decoupled Drupal websites for the state of Massachusetts, Mediacurrent, the city of Sandy Springs and many others.

Steven loves anime, video games and entirely too much star trek (TNG and Picard!). He also loves to create homemade perfumes and colognes using essential oils and currently resides in the Orlando, Florida area.

Significant Projects

The Clinton Foundation, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Estée Lauder,


Contributed to Open Atrium




BS in Computer Science, Old Dominion University

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