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Stephen Lucero

Lead Drupal Architect

Favorite Quote

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything. - Tyler Durden,Fight Club

A true developer at heart, Stephen brings six years of Drupal experience to his role as Lead Drupal Architect at Mediacurrent. When faced with a challenge or a task, he enjoys finding an elegant solution to solve it and enjoys it even more when he has the opportunity to automate the task in some way. 

Throughout high school and college, Stephen studied application development using C++ and Java, but toward the end of his degree plan, he became more interested in web development because of the opportunity to see progress on a much shorter timeline. Following graduation, he began working as a junior developer at Web International, a small full-service media agency. Over the next two years, he worked his way into the role of Development Manager which put him in charge of technical planning and coordination of all active projects.

Prior to Mediacurrent, Stephen was a Developer for Forum One Communications. Over his three and a half years with the company,  he worked his way up to being a Technical Architect leading technical teams on increasingly complex projects and developing internal DevOps tools used throughout the company on every project.

In his free time, Stephen enjoys fun and adventures of all kinds with his wife and two boys. Aside from family, he also maintains a passion for video games, gadgets, comics, and all things nerdy.



YAML Content, Pane


Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2015, Forum One 2014





Acquia Certified Grand Master - D8
Acquia Certified Developer - D7, Acquia Certified Developer - D8, Acquia Certified Back End Specialist - D8


BS Computer Science, University of Arkansas- Little Rock

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