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Team Member

Sam Seide

Senior Drupal Developer

Favorite Quote

1.21 gigawatts! 1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott! 

Back to the Future

Samuel brings a unique blend of technical and creative skills to his role as a Senior Drupal Developer. His professional web development background has given him a strong foundation for planning, managing, and administering websites. He is also a designer, producer, and artist.

After college, Samuel started his career doing print design work for a commercial printer. This job was also where he got his start in web design as a few of the clients needed someone to develop and run their websites. From there, he moved on to OETA, Oklahoma's PBS Affiliate where he took on the role of Digital Media Specialist. In this position, he moved the organization from an out of date Joomla site to one of the first beta testers for the PBS CMS titled Bento. In addition to his webmaster role, he also was in charge of the redesign of their member magazine and other print materials, shooting and editing commercials and even doing some voiceover work. While at OETA he won an Emmy for producing and directing a 30-second commercial spot. He later moved to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services with the Oklahoma state government to work on a small development team tasked with redoing all the outdated agency sites. Utilizing Drupal and Acquia Site Factory, the team launched 11 agency sites in the first year while also building out the platform to allow for quicker development of any further sites.

Sam is an avid Halloween decorator (think Disney Haunted Mansion style elaborate) and loves playing indoor soccer. He is based in Oklahoma City.


Significant Projects

Awards: Directed an Emmy Award-winning commercial for the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) for the "Program Promo - Image" category in 2016.


Presented on the Bento Platform, an open source PBS-hosted service designed to help stations and producers create websites at PBS National Convention in Austin, Texas in 2015 and PBS Regional Convention in Kansas City, 2015. Co-presented session titled "Friends Inside My Computer: Making Connections in a Remote Workplace" at Drupalcamp Asheville, Drupalcamp Atlanta and Drupalcon Seattle.


Acquia Certified Developer – D8


BFA in Media Arts and Minor in Art History from the University of Oklahoma