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Mike Barkas

Senior Developer
Mike Barkas
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You chasin' somebody Sheriff? Somebody chasin' you?


Kicking off his career with a degree in Surgical Technology, Mike Barkas has steadily built his experience across multiple industries and in different types of technology. He has a particular interest in security and is a certified blockchain developer. Mike enjoys continuing to learn new things and working with clients to find the best solutions for them. 

His favorite recent project was using different computer languages to integrate multiple information services into different applications. This project allowed for smooth, successful client technology expansions. With 10 years of Drupal experience, complicated projects like that one are no problem. 

Mike likes to spend time with family during the weekends, creating delicious dinners that sometimes include barbecuing and playing golf.


Guardr, Mass Password Reset, Password History, Username Enumeration Prevention


Certified Blockchain Developer from the Blockchain Council


Degree in Surgical Technology