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Mario Hernandez

Head of Learning
Favorite Quote

Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks.

Forrest Gump

Mario is the Head of Learning at Mediacurrent with over 10 years of public speaking and training experience. He is a regular speaker and trainer at tech conferences including Drupal Camps in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington DC, and others.  Mario is a co-host of the Mediacurrent podcast where guest speakers discuss open source solutions.

In addition to being the Head of Learning, Mario is a Senior Front-End Developer working on some of the world’s most popular brands. Mario has vast experience in all things Front End as well as Drupal.  He developed the very successful Component-Based Development training workshop which has been conducted at DrupalCons throughout America and Europe. Mario's strengths are training clients and their development teams through custom-tailored curriculums.

Significant Projects

  • Olympus USA
  • Emory University
  • USC Libraries
  • SLAC Today Intranet
  • Harvard University
  • Federal  Government



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