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Luke Zagata

Lead Architect
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The Terminator

As part of the development team, Luke Zagata works closely with clients, providing technical support, maintenance and continuing new development. He has over 20 years of professional web development experience and seven years of experience with Drupal. He uses his interest in client needs to include tools like eCommerce, custom module development, quality assurance testing, SEO, and Cascade Server in his builds.

Luke came to Mediacurrent from Duo Consulting as a Drupal Architect with a variety of projects under his belt, including Loyola Medicine, Becker Professional Education, Bloomberg Current, Vance Publishing, Bracewell. After earning his Computer Engineering degree, Luke grew his career in web development with several years of consulting, which taught him the importance of being client-centric. 

Always interested in learning new skills, Luke enjoys applying them for the benefit of clients, but when he’s not deep in his work he likes to spend time learning about and playing retro PC games.


Spam Link Block and Salesforce Web-to-Lead Webform Data Integration


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago