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Kevin Basarab

VP of Delivery

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With over eight years of experience developing enterprise-level Drupal websites, Kevin Basarab has been a part of the Mediacurrent team for nearly four years. In addition to his current role as VP of Delivery Kevin specializes in developing editorial workflows for large scale media organizations.

Before Mediacurrent, Kevin started out doing web development and SEO for a hotel marketing firm. In early 2009, he transitioned into full-time Drupal development at the Florida Times-Union newspaper and their parent company suite of sites. Prior to his current role, Kevin held the titles of Senior Drupal Consultant and Lead Drupal Architect at Mediacurrent. At Mediacurrent, Kevin has completed many high profile projects within the media industry, developing an expertise in helping publishers create better workflows within their publishing business. Kevin has several Drupal core commits under his belt besides being a core mentor for new contributors.

Kevin has been active in attending various DrupalCamps and Cons across the country including Florida DrupalCamp, DrupalCamp Atlanta, DrupalCons and other regional camps. Outside of Drupal, Kevin is an advocate for the use of Git Flow in development processes and enjoys cycling, beer brewing, bowling and do-it-yourself projects around the house.


Drupal Core, Feeds Publish, JS Spellcheck


Git-Flow for Daily use - DrupalCamp Florida 2013
Drupal for Newsrooms: Making a better CMS - DC Florida
Contributing to Core: Louisiana Drupal Users Group
Git-Flow - Drupalcamp Atlanta 2013
What to expect with Drupal 8 - Drupalcamp Florida 2014, Drupalcamp NOLA 2013
Enhancing your Git workflow with Git Flow - Drupalcon Austin 2014



BS in Communications and Minor in Criminal Justice, University of North Florida 

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