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Justin Rent

UI/UX Designer

Favorite Quote

You don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me. I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel.   - Pee Wee Herman

Justin’s educational background — combining a BS in Graphic & Communication Design and an MBA in Marketing— allows him to thoughtfully connect the dots between user experience, Drupal as a CMS, and an organization's objectives.

In all of Justin’s professional experience he has had a hand in some aspect of web design or development. While working as a Graphic Designer and Senior Graphic Designer at Georgia Tech,  it was his personal goal to incorporate the traditional graphic designer role in to web and interactive projects. While working in the Institute Communications department, the Institute began to adopt Drupal as a CMS, embarking on a top-level redesign to define the visual aesthetic and administer user experience research. During his time at Georgia Tech, Justin launched a multi-channel marketing campaign that included direct mail, email, social media, video, and a Drupal-based marketing web site. This exposure allowed him to realize the potential of the system and ultimately led him to being hired by Taste for Life (Connell Communications, Inc.) to rebuild and redesign their portfolio of Drupal 7 sites. In the last 3.5 years, he has reworked several sites, including a custom website solution for independent natural products retailers with a shared database of shared content. Justin also occasionally teaches undergraduate web design courses at Keene State College as an Adjunct Professor.

Outside of the office, Justin enjoys spending time with his wife, two children, and two dogs. His interests include traveling, being outdoors, cycling, photography, listening to music of all kinds, playing the violin, and Pittsburgh sports.



Bachelor of Science in Graphic & Communication Design (LaRoche College); MBA in Marketing (Georgia State Robinson College of Business)


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