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Joshua Boltz

Senior Developer
Favorite Quote

The biggest risk is not taking any risk...In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.


Mark Zuckerberg

Josh brings three years of Drupal experience to his role as a Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent. His areas of expertise include PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery - all of which are used to build data-driven web applications, such as Drupal CMS.

In the mid 2000’s, Josh gained valuable knowledge around the foundations of web design and development at Albright College, and landed his first web developer position circa 2008, where he began learning how PHP and MySQL could be used to build dynamic web applications. During this time, he also came into a role that gained him his first exposure to the CMS and open-source world with a few Joomla! projects. Before Josh was hired by Olympus in 2012, Drupal had already been chosen as the corporate CMS. Josh realized the potential of working with Drupal and grabbed the project by the horns. During his time at Olympus, Josh gained 2.5 years of Drupal experience and served as the development lead on two projects to support the organization's medical business.

Aside from web development, Josh also has a passion for expanding his knowledge in mobile application development, such as iOS, which is a great counterpart when talking about “decoupled/headless” Drupal. He is based in Reading, Pennsylvania with his wife and two sons.


Significant Projects

Olympus Medical


Advanced Web Development Certificate, Piedmont Technical College


BS in Digital Media & Business Administration, Albright College


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