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Josh Burke

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It Really Tied The Room Together.

The Big Lebowski

Josh has worked with a wide variety of web technologies over the last decade. From front-end coding to back-end programming, he excels in strong interactive user experiences. At Mediacurrent, Josh uses his traditional visual arts background to enhance web video, motion graphics, and animated web components. His expertise lies in modern javascript web application development with a focus on technologies like React and Gatsby.

Josh’s unique skill set stems from a lifelong connection with the visual arts. Growing up, he practiced with classic art mediums and digital art. He found a passion for it and became an expert in raster and vector-based visual creation, which naturally evolved into an early career as a graphic designer. Then, in 2008, he was introduced to the world of web development when editing some HTML files with simple text changes. On this introduction to development, Josh dove into using the web to make his static digital art interactive. He began to learn everything he could about web development and especially front-end user interactivity. 

In his spare time, Josh loves to go back to his classic art roots by painting and sculpting. He has also built his own racing quadcopters, plays the bass guitar, and loves spending time with his wife and daughter.