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Jennifer Cross

Project Manager
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Don't Panic
- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

In her role as Project Manager, Jennifer brings 17 years of information technology experience and a well-rounded web skill set ready to tackle any projects thrown her way. Her management skills can be attributed to her roles in multiple web development settings including education, the fast food industry, and national associations.

She started in 2001 as a database developer for an international fast food chain on the west coast, and moved into information management in schools as a Library Director, Web Design teacher, Programming teacher, and Web Developer / Web Services Manager. After evacuating Venezuela as it collapsed in 2015, she worked as a Web Services Manager at the American Library Association where she led multiple major projects and initiatives for two of their divisions. During her time leading a communication audit and process redesign (including new websites) for two divisions of the American Library Association, she sparked an interest in pursuing a project management position.

Jennifer is a compulsive traveler, once-and-future athlete, and lover of large dogs. She is currently living in Chicago with my husband, son, and their chickens! 


B.A. in Creative Writing, University of Illinois Master's in Library Science from Texas Woman's University