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James Smith

Senior Project Manager
Favorite Quote

And now I'm sitting here, by myself, talking to myself. That's chaos theory.

Jurassic Park

With an MA in Economics and an MBA in Finance, James understands competitive markets from the inside out. He helps companies optimize their digital media and stay connected to their customers, keeping their brands fresh and accessible in a rapidly evolving environment. As a senior project manager at Mediacurrent, James is leading teams that help customers stay on top of new technologies to meet their online business needs and goals.

Before Mediacurrent, James worked on creating new marketing strategies and operational workflows to optimize digital channels of communications to the public. With over 10 years of Drupal experience, James finds joy in discovering a company's needs, assets, and liabilities, and creating custom solutions for website success.

When he isn’t working, James enjoys cooking (Cajun is a favorite), photography, hiking, camping, and gardening.

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be: absorb knowledge rapidly



Project Management Professional (PMP)


MA in Economics, MBA in Finance