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Eric Rier

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Eric Rier
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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. —Wayne Gretzky"

Michael Scott

Eric Rier has been a Drupal developer for the last 10 years. He has expertise with Drupal Commerce (and Ubercart) used both for professional and personal projects, but his satisfaction comes from building great websites and easy editorial experiences.

His career in web development was not by design, but Eric found his passion for development partway into his previous career. After searching for something more creative, he returned to school for a certificate in graphic and web design and discovered coding in the process. He was first introduced to Drupal while working at WBGames (Turbine) in 2012, and hasn't looked back. His favorite live project is a Drupal Commerce site he built for his wife.

When Eric is not coding he enjoys playing golf, creating things with his laser cutter and 3D printer, and spending time with his wife and two cats. Keep an ear out, because while he’s not a dad, he loves actively contributing dad jokes to the world.


BSBA from Suffolk University