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David Barrentine

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If ya' ain't gotta sense of humor, you're better off dead! 

Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

David is a deep-diving Frontend Developer who is passionate about the projects he works on. During his three years of Drupal experience, he’s taken on challenging tasks, pushing his skills to learn more about SCSS and using Terminal, Bitbucket, Git, and a plethora of other interesting things. 

Previous to Mediacurrent, David began his journey to Drupal starting in college as a graphic design major. During one of his Digital Design classes, he began learning about HTML, CSS, and things like parallax scrolling in JS. He realized building websites was a niche he enjoyed more than just graphic design and began freelancing to building small websites. This work began his base portfolio and landed his first job at a local Wordpress shop. Working here, he gained a lot of experience with his first CMS platform and developed his skill set as a frontend developer. Eventually, he moved to a new job focusing specifically on Drupal development with clients in the library field.

When David isn’t working, he is passionately involved in his Dungeons and Dragons game. He has 13 years of musical experience that ended with him playing several instruments from the low brass section in various bands throughout college. 


BA in Art History from Arkansas State University, BFA in Graphic Design with Digital Emphasis from Arkansas State University

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