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Dan Polant

Director of Development

Dan specializes in architecting and implementing large, complex projects. His approach: to provide confident technical leadership and clear, honest communication, because projects need both to succeed.

Dan became interested in web technologies in 2008, when he created a custom content management platform for his funk band. Shortly after this, he began working with Wordpress, at which point he "saw the light" in terms of what was possible with well-adopted and well-documented open source frameworks. During his last semester at the University of Michigan School of Information graduate program, a professor gave him the opportunity to learn Drupal for a project. This introduction paved the way for the career to which Dan has devoted himself ever since: solving problems for clients using open-source technologies and contributing back to these communities.

Dan spent four years working on the Drupal Commerce project, developing the Drupal 7 version of Commerce Coupon module, and contributing to many elements of the Drupal Commerce ecosystem.

At Mediacurrent, Dan embraces new technologies like React, serverless and Gatsby, employing them on projects where they provide value for our clients. Also, he is passionate about spreading knowledge that can help make deliveries successful. This includes mentoring teammates, blogging about technical topics, and doing internal knowledge-shares about delivery strategies.

Dan enjoys playing guitar, writing music, running and building Legos with his wife and two children.

Significant Projects

SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Conferences), Casella Waste Management, Habitat for Humanity, Pegasystems, The Weather Channel, Georgia Tech Libraries, and Magmutual


Author and maintainer of Commerce Giftcard (commerce_gc), current branch (2.x) of Commerce Coupon, Commerce Discount Extra and Entity Image Styles; Contributor to Commerce Discount


MS in Information and BA in English, University of Michigan

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