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Cory Bergquist

Senior Project Manager
Favorite Quote

Everybody knows that the best way to learn is under intense life-threatening crisis!

Peter B. Parker / Into The Spiderverse

As a Project Manager, Cory blends a robust technical background with two years of project management experience. He brings a collaborative attitude to help Mediacurrent clients through every step of an open source web project. 

After graduating with a degree in computer science and game design from Drexel University, Cory started his career as a full-stack developer at a marketing technology consultancy. Here, he discovered the world of PHP - specifically, Drupal and WordPress. As the years went on, Cory continued branching out in the company, ultimately landing in his current role as a project manager. His strong technical background proved incredibly valuable in communicating with development teams, clients and stakeholders.

Outside of work, Cory can be found teaching kickboxing, developing video games, and sharing dog pictures. A lifelong hockey player, he's played all versions of the sport: ice, roller, floor, street, name it, he’s probably played it.


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B.S. Computer Science, Drexel University