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Team Member

Chris Runo

Senior Drupal Architect

Favorite Quote

God help us, we're in the hands of engineers

Jurassic Park

Chris brings four years of Drupal experience to his role as a Senior Drupal Architect at Mediacurrent. Throughout his web development career, Chris has gained a unique perspective on what it takes to deliver a successful project through his experiences in freelancing, agency, and also strictly product development/support work.

During his college years at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Chris created his first production Drupal website for the school’s mechanical engineering department and worked on a Drupal site for a major nurses' association in Pennsylvania. He then began his career at Northpoint Digital and Ernst & Young where he gained a wide range of experience with Drupal including e-commerce, migrations, front-end, back-end, headless Drupal, templating, site architecture, mentoring, support, client interaction, devops, and repository and deployment management. Prior to Mediacurrent, Chris worked as a software developer on feature request and support for a custom PHP-based site, Vultr (VPS hosting company e.g. Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, etc.), devops, and system administration.

Outside of work, Chris can be found obsessing over cars and keyboards in New Jersey, the state he calls home. He is an audiophile who keeps a server rack running in his living room.



New Jersey Institute of Technology