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Team Member

Celeste Gomez

Digital Strategist
Favorite Quote

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

The Princess Bride

In her role as Digital Strategist, Celeste brings five years of Drupal experience in design, brand messaging, strategic planning, UX/UI, and information architecture. She thrives at combining purposeful, highly creative design and practical functionality in order to solve complex problems for clients.

Her interest in digital marketing started in the days of Myspace. She taught herself to work with HTML, creating animated gifs and custom layouts. She used her entrepreneurial spirit to establish a t-shirt clothing line where she designed her own website, eventually leading to making websites for others. With this experience, she entered into the digital agency world, where she has worked 9 years in various roles including Web Designer, Project Manager, and Digital Strategist. She has a passion for branding, solving business challenges, and helping clients view projects from different perspectives. She believes creative ideas can change the world and strives to use her ideas to provide value for our clients.

Celest is a creative problem solver and a self-starter. She has four large rescue dogs that she claims are her “fur children.” An interesting fact about her is that during the summers in her 20’s she worked as a tv/movie extra in California!


BA in Art/Design, California State University at Long Beach