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Carlos Lee

Client Success Manager
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I don't want to just survive. I want to live.

12 Years a Slave

As a spirited, yet pragmatic business individual with an entrepreneurial mindset, Carlos Lee is the perfect customer advocate for Mediacurrent clients. At Mediacurrent, he uses his background in entrepreneurship and deep understanding of business needs to drive successful web projects.

Carlos has taken the path less traveled in his career. He began working in corporate law and moved on to entrepreneurship, building businesses and then selling them back to the corporate sector. While in the corporate tech sector, he specialized in website and Internet of Things tech as well as government technology, including work on the Arkansas DHS Stand Alone Criminal Background Check System. 

Between his law and entrepreneurship career, Carlos also found the time to become an expert in sand volleyball, and he played his way into the finals of a two-on-two sand volleyball tournament!