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Cameron Prince

Senior Drupal Developer

Favorite Quote

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious @#$%. - Back to the Future

Cameron brings a depth of Drupal experience to his role as a Senior Developer at Mediacurrent. He began building dynamic websites in the late '90s before shifting his focus to Drupal in 2011. He has built and maintained numerous high-profile Drupal sites.

Cameron’s web development career began at a small ISP start-up, and in 1998 he built his first e-commerce website using a Perl-based open source shopping cart called Minivend. In 2000, a new company was formed around the Minivend product and Cameron became one of their first full-time developers. In his next role as an E-Commerce Systems Architect for Red Hat, Cameron developed sites such as,, and the U.S. Embassy - Vienna, Austria. He also spent several years building sites for the U.S. military as a Senior Perl/PHP Developer for a government contractor. Prior to Mediacurrent, Cameron was a Drupal site developer for a design firm in San Francisco. Years of open source experience made for a seamless transition to Drupal, and Cameron was soon building Drupal sites for an automotive parts supplier, a large commercial real estate agency, local state government and the new Drupal-powered     

When he’s not coding in Drupal, Cameron helps The Weather Channel with their new TV series "3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar" where he builds and performs scientific experiments as an assistant on the show.


Advanced search block, Top searches block, Commerce GPG, Commerce iTransact, NodeSymlinks, Anonymous Posting


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