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Brian Manning

IT Operations Manager

Favorite Quote

You take chances, you live in the moment, sometimes you fail, sometimes you soar... life is about learning. Live for the moment and have no regrets!


As the IT Operations Manager Brian loves connecting business needs with the right technologies. An extrovert at heart, he enjoys collaborating with Mediacurrents clients to understand their goals to ideate, design and launch the best solutions to help them innovate, grow and expand their reach. When it comes to emerging technology, Brian works directly with clients to help them evaluate and understand how technologies can bring value to their organization.

He has 20 plus years of leveraging technologies – existing and emerging – to help customers gain a competitive edge. Brian’s diverse management roles in Information Technology and Project Management have allowed him to work with companies such as Microsoft, Sony, UTV Entertainment, LifeWay—and everything in between.

Brian thrives on partnership and collaboration, allowing him to leverage technology to achieve the desired outcomes. He is also deeply passionate to help others succeed through mentorship and communication to create a powerful vision for their future and career growth.

When he’s not working, Brian can be found trying new restaurants or going to Disney with his wife, Kate and their three kids. He also enjoys breweries, woodworking, or fishing outdoors whenever possible.


Significant Projects


Drupal Asheville 2018 - BadCamp 2018 - BadCamp 2019



Agile / Scrum Certifications  

Agile / Scrum Certifications

Strategy / Analytics Certifications 

Google Analytics Certification      

Information Technology Certifications

A+ CertificationNetwork + CertificationMicrosoft Certified Professional

DevOps Certifications

DevOps Foundations


B.S. in Business with a focus in Computer Sciences, Santa Fe College

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