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Brent Ratliff

Senior Drupal Developer

Favorite Quote

What's the matter with you guys? This was never about the money, this was about us against the system. That system that kills the human spirit. We stand for something. We are here to show those guys that are inching their way on the freeways in their metal coffins that the human spirit is still alive.   - Point Break

Brent Ratliff has been heavily involved in the Drupal community since 2007, when he built his first Drupal application alongside a Sharepoint comparison site as a proof of concept for scheduling geographically distributed military reservists via the web. Brent is active on where he authored the Statuses to Facebook and Statuses to Linkedin modules in the early days of social media integration with Drupal.  His current interests are with Headless Drupal as a backend for Apps, Home Automation, Social Media Integration, and Scheduling Systems.

Brent graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a BS in Computer Science focused on Software Engineering. With a heavy emphasis on C and Java, Brent’s focus was developing Java based front ends to database driven applications. Brent interned for the Defense Information Systems Agency where he worked as a network analyst on a team protecting critical defense network infrastructure for UNIX based systems. Prior to Mediacurrent, he converted legacy sites to Drupal for internet startup Norcross Systems, where he honed skills in XHTML/CSS, Drupal best practices, and Linux/Solaris virtual hosting. As a consultant, Brent’s focus was event registration, small business intranets, CRM, and access controlled content through e-commerce.

In his off time, Brent enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids, running, and CrossFit.


pathed_files, nativo, gpt, Facebook Statuses, Linkedin Statuses, Media, COD


Drupalcamp Atlanta - Panels vs. Display Suite


BS in Computer Science, United States Naval Academy

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