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Team Member

Andrew Rivera

Drupal Developer

Favorite Quote

I used the stones to destroy the stones.

Thanos (Avengers Endgame)

Andrew brings more than 4 years of Drupal experience to his position as a Drupal Developer. He spent the past few years developing custom modules, creating custom themes, and maintaining LAMP stack servers.

Andrew started early with website development. He began creating websites at 11 years old and started using PHP at 13. His first job as a Web Developer came in 2012, primarily using Wordpress, and was introduced to Drupal in 2015. His favorite Drupal project he worked on was creating a Drupal-based exit Interview module for an HR Department. In this project, HR was able to collect electronic feedback from employees and made data searchable. 

In Andrew’s spare time he likes to sing, play guitar, write music, play video games, travel, and cook comfort food. He can sing any musical note from memory.


BA in Communication and Minor in Business and Non-Profit Organizations, California State University Channel Islands