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Adam Wilson

Project Manager
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Adam brings 7 years of diverse Drupal experience to his position as Project Manager. His top categories of expertise include hybrid workflow methodologies, Drupal multi-site management, and client engagement.

His path to becoming a Project Manager at Mediacurrent was somewhat roundabout. He started out in print advertising and gradually moved from print to digital while also transitioning from advertising to production. In those 7 years of Drupal experience, he has collaborated on many projects of all different calibers, but his favorite project involved creating the framework for a sampling portal. This portal was used across several pharmaceutical companies and included integrations with real-time medical license validation and fulfillment/shipping tracking. 

While not at work, Adam enjoys writing and has had several books published since he began writing in college. He currently resides in New Jersey where he obtained a Criminal Justice degree from the College of New Jersey.  


Bachelors Degree, College of New Jersey