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Women in Tech with Heather Rocker

by Rebekah Schnaubelt
March 25, 2020

Drupal Association's Global Executive Director Heather Rocker joins Mediacurrent for a knowledge share highlighting women in tech. She not only discusses how to support an interest in STEM careers from a young age, but also includes workshop questions on personal branding and improving leadership skills.

Meet team member, Rebekah Schnaubelt

Rebekah performs a wide variety of tasks In her role as Marketing Specialist, including managing Mediacurrent’s social platforms and chatbot, running analytics reports, and planning both marketing and internal culture events. She enjoys cross-collaborating with the variety of teams and roles at Mediacurrent.

Making the most of her time in higher education, Rebekah spent four years volunteering and working at the University of North Georgia. After earning her degree in Marketing, she worked as the Digital Marketing and Communications Associate for the Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce where she grew social media engagement for the organization and supported event promotion and content strategy.

Rebekah is based near Mediacurrent’s metro-Atlanta headquarters. When she’s not working, she can be found hiking in the North Georgia mountains with her wife and dog or nerding out over tabletop or video games.

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