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[Webinar] Top 5 Tips for a Successful Drupal Project

February 12, 2020

Great Drupal websites don’t happen by accident—now is the time to start planning. Join Mediacurrent project leaders Kelly Dassing, Senior Director of Project Management and Mark Shropshire, Senior Director of Development for five tips to create a foundation of success for your next Drupal project.

You’ll learn about:

  • Measurement: How to clearly define your KPIs, tech strategy, and requirements
  • The Project Champion: How to increase buy-in from project stakeholders
  • Staffing: How to assemble a project team to best support your users
  • Security and Compliance: Effective planning for security, accessibility, and performance
  • Know the Platform: Planning for Drupal 9 and beyond 

Webinar Recording and Slides 

Watch the video below, check out our and view the presentation slides on SlideShare.