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Google Optimize: How Builds Great Government UX

by Clair Smith
September 23, 2019 A/B testing webinar

Crafting UX - for the people, by the people takes a data-informed approach to site decisions. An open ear to constituent feedback ensures a "wicked awesome" user experience. So it's no surprise that when the site’s navigation needed improvement, user testing became a guiding light.

Hear how Mediacurrent teams with on a user testing strategy leveraging Drupal 8 and Google Optimize. 

Watch how to deliver a constituent experience that is discoverable, accessible, and truly “for the people, by the people.” Follow along with our process. Learn tips to user test your way to better website UX. 

You'll learn

  • Our approach to testing and gathering user feedback
  • The A/B testing variants we used to steer site navigation and layout
  • Deep dive into testing with Google Optimize 


Joe Galluccio - Product Manager, Massachusetts Digital Service 
Clair Smith -  Senior Front End Developer, Mediacurrent

Clair Smith

Meet team member, Clair Smith

Clair brings 3 years of Drupal experience to her role as a Front End Developer at Mediacurrent. She is fascinated and amazed by the way the internet has changed us as individuals and as a society. More than that, by the ways the internet has taught us that we, as individuals, are not alone.

Clair began her development career at a boutique SEO firm in Upstate New York, and has since built websites for artists and their projects, like Natalie Merchant and the O Positive Festival, and entities like Hearst Media, Temple University and Bristol-Meyers Squibb.  

When she’s not in front of a computer, Clair enjoys learning about physics and the history of the field. Had she not been a web developer, she would have liked to go to school for astrophysics.


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