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[Webinar]'s Guide to Data-Informed Content Optimization

by Nathan James
September 1, 2019

On, hundreds of content authors have actionable optimization data at their fingertips -- without ever logging into Google Analytics. In this session from DrupalCon 2019, learn how to measure your content, present measurements to authors, and drive content to become 'wicked awesome.'

You’ll learn:

  • How we define wicked awesome content
  • How we translate indicators into actionable metrics
  • The technology stack we use to empower content authors

Meet team member, Nathan James

Nathan received an early introduction to open source during his days at the University of Arkansas’s Computer Engineering program. From Linux and shell scripting, to PHP and MySQL, to Asterisk PBX, to Drupal, Nathan has demonstrated success at learning, developing, and implementing open source technologies. He has five years of experience with Drupal.

During his time with Mediacurrent, Nathan has worked with a variety of clients, allowing him to round out his knowledge of Drupal. He enjoys when a project involves something challenging and different from his previous projects.  He has found it exciting to work on multilingual initiatives, complex migrations, and panels customizations in Drupal 7; and any time he gets to work with Drupal 8, especially in migrating data, he is having fun.

Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and seven kids, whether they are just hanging out around the house reading, watching movies, or off on adventures (sometimes just going to the grocery store is an adventure with seven kids). He and his wife have been involved in foster and adoptive care since 2009.

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