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[Webinar] How to Prepare Your Drupal 9 Action Plan

by Kevin Basarab
April 1, 2020

The official release of Drupal 9 is nearly upon us! Any organization that has done a major release upgrade before certainly knows that it can come with challenges. Here's how to prep your technology, team, and overall website strategy for the arrival. 

Mediacurrent's Kevin Basarab VP of Delivery and Bill Shaouy Senior Business Analyst, share how to chart your Drupal 9 readiness roadmap:

  • Your site - Learn about code and core considerations for a successful transition.
  • Your team - Plan for testing and automation. Bridge the gap between editors and site builders.
  • Your toolkit - See how Drupal distributions give you a faster, easier path to launch. 

Webinar Recording and Slides 

Watch the video below, check out our and view the presentation slides on SlideShare.


Meet team member, Kevin Basarab

With over 15 years of experience developing enterprise-level Drupal websites, Kevin Basarab has been part of the Mediacurrent team for the past 7 years. In addition to his current role as VP of Delivery, Kevin specializes in defining and creating editorial workflows.

Before Mediacurrent, Kevin started in the newspaper industry as an editor and transitioned into overseeing their web operations. Prior to his current role, Kevin held the titles of Senior Drupal Consultant, Lead Drupal Architect, and Director of Development at Mediacurrent. Kevin has completed many high profile projects within the media industry, developed expertise in helping publishers create better workflows, and has several Drupal core commits under his belt.

Kevin has been active in community events including various DrupalCamps and Cons across the country. He's currently based in New York City after growing up in Jacksonville, FL. Outside of work, Kevin enjoys hiking, outdoor adventures, bowling, stage lighting design, and do-it-yourself projects around the house.

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