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Only Load What You Need With Drupal 8 Libraries

by Zack Hawkins
July 23, 2018

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Gone are the days of having one massive JavaScript or CSS file. In this session from Drupalcamp Asheville 2018, we'll explore using libraries to conditionally load assets and resolve dependencies.

We'll cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to libraries in Drupal 8
  • Library options and configuration
  • What a component based workflow looks like with libraries
  •  Code splitting with Webpack and libraries
  •  Library gotchas and things to be aware of

The ideal viewer is a front-end developer that has either never heard of, or is interested in Drupal 8 Libraries. We'll also cover more advanced approaches for people with modern JavaScript workflows. A basic understanding of Drupal theming may be helpful but is not required.


Meet team member, Zack Hawkins

Zack has ten years of experience as a front-end developer. In his role as Director of Front-end Development at Mediacurrent, he specializes in front-end architecture, workflows and growing the front-end team. He's got a personal passion for building blazing fast, scaleable and maintainable web appli