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Video On the JAMStack with Gatsby and Drupal 8 

by Tara Arnold
September 10, 2020

DrupalCon Global 2020 

In this session from DrupalCon Global 2020, get an inside look at our decoupled approach for Open source frameworks like Gatsby, Drupal 8, and Serverless, as well as third-party services for user management, a learning management system, and private APIs were combined to build a robust custom platform.

Extending Beyond Drupal 

Familiar with GraphQL but have never considered using it as a data aggregation tool to simplify their front-end applications? Interested in decoupled architecture but want to avoid hosting multiple servers for all the required services? Developers interested in decoupled Drupal, static sites, and the JAMStack can learn from MagMutual’s case study.

Flexible UX

MagMutual, like many marketing teams, was searching for more flexibility in UX and branding. They needed a way of separating their vision for the web from the CMS lifecycle. With this project, MagMutual learned firsthand the benefits of decoupled Drupal from a marketing perspective.  It’s a compelling option for sites that require functionality beyond what Drupal normally supports and empowers MagMutual to choose the best tool for individual technical requirements.

A Resilient System 

IT pros interested in building flexible resilient systems that give their teams security and flexibility can learn from this case study. Gatsby delivers on security for the new MagMutual platform by removing server-side rendering from the equation to reduce touchpoints for attacks. Serverless Framework provides a standard framework for organizing and deploying Lambda functions and related AWS services which were key to providing dynamic resources for the website.

Session Recording and Slides 

Meet team member, Tara Arnold

In her role as Senior Marketing Content Strategist, Tara drives the creation of resources to promote Mediacurrent as a thought leader in the technology space. She thrives on the small business imperative to work smart through strategic marketing automation, digital marketing, and creative brand building.

Prior to joining Mediacurrent, Tara spent five years sharpening her inbound marketing skills in the higher education technology and publishing industries. Her specialties include inbound marketing, event marketing, webinars, blogging, and marketing automation. She holds a BA in Communications (Public Relations focus) and minored in creative writing.

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