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Integrating DDEV-Local with Pantheon

by Mario Hernandez
July 2, 2021

We at Mediacurrent work with several Drupal hosting partners and one of them is Pantheon. Their platform and tooling provide great ways to make the best of your Drupal or WordPress websites. In this week’s Learning Bits tutorial, I decided to record a walkthrough of how to set up DDEV-Local with Pantheon so you can easily have local instances of your Pantheon websites for development purposes.

Here are the prerequisites to be able to accomplish this (in no specific order):

  1. Install Docker and DDEV-Local in your local machine
  2. Create a Pantheon website or have access to one you wish to set up locally
  3. Create a backup of your site using Pantheon’s dashboard
  4. Install Pantheon’s Terminus to interact with Pantheon via the command line (Not really required, but helpful to have)
  5. Upload your public key to Pantheon’s dashboard
  6. Create a machine token on Pantheon’s dashboard

For details on how to complete the integration, check out DDEV-Loca’s official docs or watch the video tutorial below. 

Mario Hernandez

Meet team member, Mario Hernandez

Mario has experience in Front End, Drupal, public speaking, and training. He is a regular speaker and trainer at tech conferences, a co-host of the Mediacurrent Open Waters Podcast, and the creator of the Component-Based Development workshop conducted at DrupalCons throughout America and Europe.