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Industry Insights: Government

January 14, 2022

Last year we kicked off a new video series featuring Industry Insights from our customers and team. In this series, get ready to hear first hand how our clients are dealing with pressing industry-specific issues and what their plans are for the future.

To start off, we took a look at the government industry.


During this segment, we focus on results created from implementing a chatbot feature onto websites with Nikhil Deshpande from Georgia Technology Authority.


Digital Engagement

Next up is digital engagement! Here, we are taking a look into how the pandemic affected digital engagement on with Nikhil Deshpande.



Hola! Bonjour! As globalization is increasing, Nikhil Deshpande from Georgia Technology Authority tells us about the increasing need for translation on sites. Check out our video to learn more about what we have done with translating on the web.


User Experience

Next is user experience! UX is important to make your website come to life. See what the future of UX in government is with Jason Green from the City of Sandy Springs.


Multisite Platforms

The final segment of our government highlight is multisite platforms!

“Your biggest challenge with websites isn’t the design… it’s trying to get good content in a way that makes sense to the end-user.” Jason Green gives us more on implementing multisite with the City of Sandy Springs in our final video.


Ready for more industry insights? Follow our social media profiles for the next installment.

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Meet team member, Kya Garibaldi

In her role as Junior Marketing Associate, Kya strives to utilize her digital marketing skills to help grow Mediacurrent’s marketing presence. She enjoys monitoring analytics on different marketing platforms and being creative when designing content.