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Gatsby JS: A Powerful Front End Tool for Decoupled Devs

by Grayson Hicks
July 23, 2018

headshot of presenter Grayson Hicks

Want to learn about GatsbyJS? What is it? How can it help you and your team? Is it a framework? Is it a static site generator? GatsbyJS is an exciting way of thinking about building sites for the modern web.

This presentation covers some of the main benefits that you or your team could experience with Gatsby:

  • Fast - It really, really is
  • Flexible- Bring your data from wherever
  •  Full Drupal, headless, REST APIs, local filesystem, Gatsby handles it all with GraphQL.
  • Fun - The most fun I've had building a site since I first learned React

Look at the best (and a few not so best) use cases for having Gatsby:

  • Most public facing sites (vs. logged-in portion)
  • Brochure sites
  • Blogs


  • What Gatsby's GraphQL data layer is and how and why to embrace it
  • Gatsby's internal API for building a Gatsby starter to fit your team
  • Looking at Gatsby's plugin/source/transformer system for taking Gatsby from a blog-generator to a site-generator

Meet team member, Grayson Hicks

Grayson is an experienced software developer with a background in working with all types of software. He loves tinkering with Javascript, React.js, Node.js, and is excited to start his journey with Drupal!

He spent five years in finance/banking in a sales and management role, but had a nagging feeling it wasn't what he meant to be doing. With a love of making websites, that began at age 14, he decided to take his career path in a different direction and devote his time to coding. After a journey through The Iron Yard code academy, he became a full-stack web developer for He built full features on a Javascript, Slim PHP, T-SQL stack. 

During this time his favorite project he worked on was This project was a career exploration platform for K-12 students, as well and college and workforce development. He was the seventh employee on board and enjoyed being along as it grew to over 20. It served up amazing video and informational content for hundreds of thousands of users. Grayson said he is very proud of my work there and of the team still running it.

Grayson has a 'to-learn' list as long as his arm and doesn't think he has met a programming language he didn't enjoy. Next on his list? Perfecting Drupal! When Grayson isn’t spending his time learning, he love spending time outside in his garden in the mountains with my wife, Gaby and their five children.

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