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5 Free QA Webtools

by Chris Manning
August 5, 2016

In Episode 14 of The Mediacurrent Friday 5, QA Lead Chris Manning discusses 5 Free QA Webtools.

He shares his list of the top 5 tools that he uses for quality assurance testing that are completely free of charge. Check out the video below to learn more about WAVE, Selenium, JMeter, Jing and Postman.


Meet team member, Chris Manning

Chris is a dedicated, fun loving individual with a people-first leadership approach. He brings 10 years of testing experience to his role as Mediacurrent’s QA Lead.

Chris has a passion for investing in people. Leading up to his current position at Mediacurrent, he has spent time speaking at schools to educate the next generation, hosted and spoken at web technology based meetup groups, written several blogs on how developers and QA can interact and published videos on how QA works within an agile environment. Chris has worked in leadership roles for the past decade, starting and growing departments without losing focus on what really matters: the team. He is committed to setting his team up for success, finding that even through mentorship, he always learns something in return.

Chris is in the process of relocating from Gainesville, Florida to the Asheville, North Carolina area.


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