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Drupal Panels 3 and Display Suite

The Future of Point and Click Theming, Reusability, and Sustainability

Purpose of Session: 
Compare and demonstrate Panels 3 and Display Suite as the future of Drupal theming.

The Drupal 6 theme layer gives site builders increased control of markup to customize the look and feel of their sites. Thanks to an improved theming system, themes can now add variables, templates, and functions to completely control markup in the theme layer. In addition, themes get the last crack at markup through overrides to gain complete control of the design. However, greater flexibility comes with a learning curve and requires some coding if done within the template system.

Panels 3 and Display Suite both tackle the issue of controlling design, layout, reusabilty, flexibility, and ease of use. This session is comprised of two case studies:

  • Drupalcamp Atlanta built with Context and Panels 3 exported with Features
  • built with Context and Display Suite exported with Features

Who is the presentation for?

  • Beginners
  • Site builders
  • Designers


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