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Demystifying Decoupled Drupal with Contenta CMS

by Mark Shropshire
July 17, 2018

headshots of presenters Mark Shropshire and Bayo Fodeke


Decoupled Drupal is all the rage, but getting going can be intimidating. How can one get started without having to understand, install, and configure all of the components needed in a Decoupled Drupal backend?

Hello Contenta CMS!

Contenta is an open source API-first Drupal distribution that makes out of the box decoupled Drupal accessible. No need to install Drupal and figure out which modules and libraries that are needed to create a robust backend for your websites and applications.

In this session from Drupalcamp Asheville 2018, Senior Drupal Developer Bayo Fodeke and Open Source Security Lead Mark Shropshire demonstrate how to install Contenta, working with included features, using demo content and consumers, and working with the Contenta community. The presentation kicks off with a discussion around the benefits of decoupling Drupal. Viewers can look forward to live Contenta install and feature demonstrations. In addition, live code examples show how various frontends interact with a Contenta backend.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:

  • How to install Contenta
  • How to contribute back to Contenta
  • How to connect a frontend application to a Contenta backend

Meet team member, Mark Shropshire

As a Senior Director of Development, Mark “Shrop” loves working at the intersection of leadership and technology. Over his 20-plus-year career as a technical team leader, Shrop held IT roles at a large urban research university and a nationally recognized graphic communications company prior to Mediacurrent. He has a passion for personal and team growth, aligning individual purpose with Mediacurrent’s vision. Shrop focuses empowering teams to excel while using best of class open source technology solutions.

Shrop hosts his own podcasts on technology leadership. He is the maintainer of the Guardr distribution, Drupal’s premier module suite for open source security. Shrop is a frequent speaker at local and national conferences. He stays actively involved in architecture best practices and led some of the most comprehensive Drupal projects in the world across a wide spectrum of industries.

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