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Decoupled Drupal and Gatsby: Scaling Content Delivery

November 2, 2021

Penn State News, one of Penn State University’s most visible communication platforms that generates millions of pageviews annually, had an ambitious goal to build a best-in-class digital storytelling platform. The decision was made to pivot to a decoupled Drupal architecture to transform the way they create and share news on their site.

In this fireside chat from Acquia Engage 2021, Mediacurrent's Mark Shropshire and Penn State's Jim Nourse share how a world-class public research university revitalized their news site into a more resilient platform that will deliver Penn State News the freedom to share stories with speed and scale.

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Meet team member, Mark Shropshire

Mark “Shrop” loves working at the intersection of leadership and technology. He has a passion for personal and team growth, aligning individual purpose with Mediacurrent’s vision. Shrop focuses on empowering teams to excel while using best of class open source technology solutions.