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Acronym Anxiety! What do all those letters mean!?

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Acronyms are everywhere, and if you work in or with a digital agency, you’re likely bombarded by them day in and day out. Emails sent from strategists asking about your KPIs for the year, letters appended to your project manager’s name, requests from marketing for your CRM details ... the acronym soup goes on and on.

In this Drupal Camp Atlanta session, Chief Operating Officer Jeff Diecks and Director of QA Chris Manning (who filled in for Kelly Dassing) explain some of the top acronyms in the industry and the correct ways to use them! You will walk away empowered, and ready to talk shop with your co-workers and clients. They also share a number of resources for attendees to review after they’ve left the camp. 


Meet team member, Jeff Diecks

A veteran of the web publishing and sports media industries, Jeff draws on his extensive project management, business analysis, and site building experience to lead professional services and client delivery...

Learn more about Jeff >
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